How it works


1. Get Free Quotes

Tell us about your upcoming event and our matching system will alert the relevant caterers.

2. Caterer's quote

You'll receive quotes on your job from interested caterers that can fulfil your requirements.

3. Choose a Caterer

Compare and review the caterer's quote, profile and feedback. Contact details are only shared on your say.

4. Leave feedback

Posting your event details costs you nothing. We ask you to leave feedback so that others on Be MyCaterer can see.

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Benefits of Be MyCaterer


Receive quotes from a range of our caterers from well established catering companies to curated home-based caterers ready for your next event.

Personal Service

Experience our personal service where we'll take the hassle away from you and personally find and recommend you a caterer as per your requirements for free.

Safe & Secure

Your contact details are only shared with caterers when you're completely happy for us to do so. You can communicate with them easily via our messenger system.


Our feedback system ensures caterers are recognised for providing a good service but held to account for any problems.