What We Do, Our Value and Our Responsibility

Finding you the best packages

Be My Caterer is an online tech platform. We specialise in bringing curated packages for small and large groups, at affordable prices from top quality caterers.  

We started on the simple idea that booking a reliable caterer should be easy and quick without having to compromise on quality, time and value. When searching for a caterer, we found that we spent a lot of time calling caterers for quotes and looking at so many menus. We had a rough idea of how the menu should be structured (not what food we wanted!) and all we wanted to find was a simple, but the best, option to book quickly. We found it difficult to find a package with quality menu items and at a reasonable a price. The packages that we saw often had no pricing structured, was not presented in a sensible format and varied considerably. Caterers were not always open and transparent with pricing so we had no choice but to follow the path of least resistance. 

What we do? 

We've built a platform that takes all the hassle away. We hand-select caterers with top reviews and high food hygiene rating. Together, we curate packages that fit and can be tailored to meet the needs of all events. It’s simple, innovative and designed to make finding and booking a caterer convenient. We're the first catering platform to provide this solution. 

Packages combine the best and most poplar menu items and brings them together in one of our available packages so you don't waste time deliberating over 100s of choices. Unlike other platforms, we work with our partners to drive down prices to make it affordable and everyone enjoys the best deal. Each package is created to feed small or large groups of people and we tailor for all dietary requirements. 

Our mission

Put simply, disrupt the catering industry. Our mission is to provide a convenient way to book sociable catering, work or social, quickly at affordable prices from top quality caterers. We specialise in curating fun, interactive and creative catering for your event, small or large. Why? Nowdays, it's all about the sociable aspect of event - it brings colleagues and friends & family together.

Our Values

Transaprency - We want our customers to have as much information as they need to make informed decisions. There is a strong desire in today’s world to know where the food or produce is sourced, how the food is prepped and sustainable practices. Sharing of information in an open and honest way is key to this.

Value Drive - We strive to ensure our customers receive the best deals from quality caterers. That is why we curate our packages with caterers enabling to work together to deliver value and choice. Catering is not cheap but we are making it affordable at every level. For our caterers, we don’t want to eat into your margins so our commissions are generous. Our customers and caterers make our business so providing value is important.

Experience - Food is the heart and soul of it all. It brings the guest together. Every event and occasion, small or large, matters to us. From the quality of food to the quality of service on the day, we want you to enjoy every aspect of it and not worry at all. That is why we partner with the best caterers, with previous experience in delivering exceptional food and service. Expect quality food, friendly staff, and a personalised service. 

Innovation - Tieing all three together, we innovate to provide nothing but simplicity and convenience. Our focus is on listing curated packages with one price to make the whole process of booking a caterer simpler and quicker. In today’s world, our customers are always looking for convenience and to save time on tasks that shouldn’t be so difficult. We want to leverage the use of tech to drive better customer journeys and at the same time provide quality information to our caterers to make better, simpler decisions.

Our Responsibility

At the forefrunt on Corporate Social Responsibility is tackling food waste. 8.4m people in the UK are struggling to afford to eat. 1.9m tonnes of food is wasted every year. Together, we must cut this down.