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Food and service

£ enter an average amount per head or a specific package (this can be entered in any format but must include price) Eg: £14 price per head based on a minimum 100 guest order which includes 1 starter, 2 mains, 1 dessert and drink per person (subject to other variances)

Skills and background

Things to include your time in the industry, profession, hobbies, where your strengths lie, why you started to cook, and the reason you became a caterer.
Things to include your love for your cuisine, how you cook your signature dish, the type of ingredients you use, what customers typically love to order.
Things to include reasons why customers return for your food, what makes you different and unique and the types of customers you usually offer your services to. If you offer additional services or items for free as part of your service, include it here.

Contact Details

(Ex : 7776665551)

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