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How It Works

1. Initial Chat

Planning a corporate event to reconnect employees, increase inclusivity or boost employee morale? We want to understand the goals whether it’s a corporate party, office party, away-day, team lunch, staff party or virtual events so we can tailor the right package to deliver results. We‘ve curated corporate catering packages for your next corporate event. All our packages are Covid secure and will take place at your offices so all employees remain safe.

2. Select Your Package

We’ll send you the most appropriate packages for your corporate event, (be it a corporate party, office party, away-day, team lunch, staff party). Packages are already curated for you and negotiated to the best price so you can stay within your budget. We’ve done the legwork, saving you time and hassle. Perfect for those returning to office.

3.Book Your Package

Confirm your order with a secure and easy payment method. You can cancel anytime up to 30 days before. We’ll send you expert tips and advice on how to arrange your corporate event to deliver results whether its boosting employee morale, inclusivity or connectivity for FREE.

4.Enjoy Your Corporate Event

We’ll deliver on the day and let you know what we need. You’ll have a dedicated staff throughout the whole process to help you make the most of your corporate party, office party, away-day, team lunch or staff party and achieve your goal. You can make changes to your order anytime. 


Food Starts Conversations

Get employees engaging, having fun and reconnecting with the company and each other. The world may have changed but it doesn't mean you can't throw events for a small group. We're reinventing the way you do this. We know that food is a natural conversation starter and can help deliver results you're looking for. Our corporate catering packages are designed with the social aspect in mind. We're all about bringing people together.


Create An Inclusive Environment

With so many cuisines and food around the world, yet most companies end up going for the same corporate catering services. We create corporate catering packages to embrace different cultures and create an inclusive environment because your organisation is made up of diverse people. From Caribbean food to Indian to Mexican, you’ll find all cuisines at Be My Caterer. Food can help educate your employees and bring the social barrier down. Take the first step today.

Why Be My Caterer?

  1. Covid Secure - All food will either be individually served and/or individually wrapped and caterers have been vetted
  2. Support Small Businesses - We partner with small corporate catering companies at a crucial time
  3. Save time & money - We curate packages, you don't want waste getting quotes and negotiate to get you the best deal
  4. Support & Flexibility - A dedicated staff to support with all queries (Payment options, dietary requirements - you name it)
  5. Free Expert Tips & Advice - To boost employee morale, increase inclusivity and re-connect employees
  6. Inclusivity - Choose from a range of cuisines

Get £50 Credit

(whether you have an event now or later - T&C's apply)