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Packages simply allow customers to book catering packages instantly without having the need to post their details and wait for a quote. Our mission is to become the go-to marketplace for catering food. We aim to build a brand known for providing curated packages, at the best deals, from quality caterers, which can be booked with convenience. Take a look at what we do, our value and our social responsibility here.


Packages will enable you to upload catering packages for a range of events and customers can instantly book this package. Customers can view all details of the package including: the cost, the guest numbers, the menu, dietary information etc. Customer will then simply choose the items from the menu and book instantly. Simply, accept the booking and deliver the package. Less time and more orders!


We found customers wanted to save time searching and calling for quotes. We also found that caterers can get frustrated in spending time providing quotes and not hearing back. So “Packages” feature is our solution to the problem. With Packages, we’ll reduce your time spent on quoting, eliminate the stress of going back and forth with customers and ultimately build a pipeline of new orders.


We ‘ll help you set up your profile and create your first package with you. Once this is set up, you will have access to your dashboard. You’ll be able to upload/edit packages. Our aim is to keep it simple so you’ll have the ability to give details about the package, dietary information, delivery details, payment method, T&Cs, availability and finally upload menu items from starters/canapés right through to desserts. You’ll also be able to add extra services, free or at an extra cost. Add/amend details or change price anytime you want. See our quick guide on how to upload packages here.

Customers will now see your package and they can simply choose the items and book the package. We’ll verify every order and only confirm the order when you are happy it.


Listing your business on our platform is completely free. For packages we have a simple two tier pricing system* where we would charge a commission on confirmed booking (don’t worry, its generous – we don’t want to eat into your profit margins):

  1. Exclusive** packages to Be Mycaterer – charge 5% commission
  2. Non-exclusive – charge 10% commission

No commissions will be charged within the trial period. So you'll sign up for free and receive confirmed booking for free. (*the commission rate can vary and may be subject to change  **see terms and conditions to see what qualifies as exclusive)


Well, who wouldn’t want to make their life simpler? Really, we are interested only with caterers who are genuinely interested and are aligned with our values. So, you can sign up here, give us a call on 0203 488 4903 or email