What are Packages?

Be MyCaterer

Introducing The New "Package" Feature

We’re excited to announce that we are launching a new feature on Be MyCaterer: the “Package” feature. We are bringing something new and redefining the catering industry. test

The “Package” feature will allow customers to book catering packages instantly without having the need to post their details and wait for a quote. This was always a feature we wanted to introduce, as it is gap in the market and solution to a problem. 

We are confident this is a positive addition to our platform for our customers and caterers.


Currently, our system allows you caterers a) list your business so that customers can see your profile and invite them to quote b) customers request quotes for their event and our system matches customers to caterers.

  1. The addition of the “Package” feature will enable Caterers to upload catering packages for a range of events and customers can instantly book this package. Customers can view all details of the package including: the cost, the guest numbers, the menu, dietary information etc. Customer will then simply choose the items from the menu and book instantly. Simply, Caterers will receive that booking and should they accept it, deliver the Package as per the Customer's request. Customers will save time, experience a stress free process and enjoy exclusive offers. Likewise, Caterers spend less time and receive more orders!


Through our market research, we found customers spending hours looking for caterers and sometimes customers want to book a package instantly. Simply, customers want to be presented with an option. We also found that caterers can get frustrated in spending time providing quotes and not hearing back.

So we want to make the process simple for both customers and our caterers and the “Package” feature is our solution to the problem.

Our vision is to become the leading event-catering platform and this new feature is a step closer.


We are in the process of finalising our package form for caterers to fill in but once it is ready Caterers' will be able to do this through their dashboard. You’ll will be able to upload three packages for your chosen events or events you specialise in.

Our aim is to keep it simple so you’ll have the ability to give details about the package, dietary information, delivery details, payment method and finally upload menu items from starters/canapés right through to desserts. You’ll also be able to add extra services, free or at an extra cost, for customers to add to the package. You can add details or change price anytime you want.

Customers will now see your package and they can simply choose the items and book the package. We’ll verify every order and only confirm the order when you are happy it.


For customers, it is free to book Packages. Caterers click here