Caterers application process

Be MyCaterer

Our application is quick and easy to complete and we aim to have you up and running on our website as quickly as possible.

We take our application seriously. Our customers rely on us to ensure that we vet our caterers before you sign up on our website. Although we review each application, the information provided is solely your responsibility and we do not take ownership of that (please see our terms and conditions).

We endeavour to provide our customers with the all the relevant information they need in order to select the right caterer for them. As customers rely on this, we encourage you to be open and transparent and provide the correct and up to date information. You can edit this at anytime on your dashboard.


When you sign up, you can upload this by clicking on ‘My Profile’. Once verified by us, you’ll start to receive leads. We ask for the following documents to give our customers the assurance they want and we believe as caterers you should already have this:

  1. Proof of public liability insurance – this is to make sure you’re covered for any damages or compensation and not exposed to financial risk.
  2. Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering Certificate – as a standard practice, all caterers and food handlers are required to have this by the Food Standard Agency.
  3. Food Hygiene Rating Certificate – your local authority provides this to you when you became a caterer.
  4. Menu/Packages – we don’t verify this so we leave this up to you to upload but we encourage you to upload this so that customers can see what you offer.

We understand some caterers may not have these documents available as they have recently launched or thinking of starting up. As per our terms and conditions, we provide caterers 12 months from the date of sign up to upload these documents. If this is you, then please email us now at and we’ll get this sorted for you.  


  1. Basic Information – this is to ensure you receive the leads you want.
  2. Food and service – this to give customers a background of your services.
  3. Skills ad background  - you don’t have to fill these when you’re signing up but we strongly encourage you to provide this information as soon as possible. A fuller profile ensures that customers select you.
  4. Contact details – Your access to leads will always depend on how close they are to your postcode. Setting a working area ensures that you get access to the most relevant leads.

If you have any issues with the application or you cannot find the options relevant to you, please get in touch with us at We always here to help to ensure that you receive the support you need to grow your business.

As we’re a start up, we looking for ways to improve our service for you. Let us know how you found our application: was it quick and easy? Is there information that you felt you don’t need or would like to provide? Are the options relevant? From your experience, is there any other information customers would like to know? Email us at