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La Maison Des Napolitaines

La Maison Des Napolitaines

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* Who are we? :

La Maison Des Napolitaines simply is The House of Naplitaines (LMDN). LMDN launched 3 years ago where they brought their home-baked shortbread biscuits to the market. The first of its kind, LMDN has beautifully crafted an amazing, soft biscuit filled with jam. LDMN is popular within the Mauritian community, actually a home dessert. LDMN has expended to other markets and it has gone down a treat. From the taste to the texture to the presentation, the images speaks for itself.

* How do we prepare our food? :

Napolitaines often reffered to as a form of shortbread biscuit but also a sandwich cookie is made together with flour and softened butter. This gives it its texture. It is then filled with jam and layered with a sweet glaze. These napolitaines are hand-bake, fresh for your order.

*How we help you? :

LMDN is leading the way to bring the Mauritius all time favourite to the UK. Expect nothing but perfection. These are baked to delight. Available in different sizes, shapes, colours.